RangeVision NEO

High-quality 3D scanning is available to everyone now!

RangeVision Neo

RangeVision NEO is a reliable and easy-to-use entry-level 3D scanner. NEO allows obtaining detailed colour 3D models and supports scanning modes with automatic alignment of fragments by markers, on a turntable and by object geometry.

The package includes everything you need to start 3D scanning and quickly obtain high-quality 3D models: an automatic turntable, a tripod, ScanCenter NG software and a protective case for storing and transporting all scanner elements. NEO connects to a computer via a USB 3.0 port, does not require an external power supply, has 2MP colour cameras and weighs just 1 kg.

Key advantages

  • Models with full-colour texture

    Get full-colour texture suitable for your online visualization, virtual reality or preservation of your cultural heritage artifacts
  • Free software updates and 2-year warranty

    Free software updates and 2-year warranty Lifetime license and two regular software updates every year free for all RangeVision users
  • Turntable, tripod and travel case

    Plug & Play ready 3D scanner with fast and easy assembling which comes with all necessary options in one package
RangeVision Neo



Industrial and amateur 3D printing

The educational process

3D modeling

The digitization of collections


RangeVision Neo

Set of delivery

The standard package includes:

  • Scanning module with two 2MP cameras and LED projector
  • Tripod
  • Automatic turntable
  • Calibration fields
  • Set of cables
  • Quick start guide
  • Set of markers
  • Protective travel case
Set of delivery

Technical specification

Field of view200х150х150 mm
Size of objects to scan3 cm – 1,2 m
Accuracy0,05 mm
3D Resolution0,13 mm
Cameras resolution2MP
Case size430х380х155 mm, 5,5 kg
Turntable platform diameter⌀ 20 cm
Max turntable load20 kg


RangeVision NEO package includes scanning software ScanCenter NG with unlimited lifetime license.

  • Align modes: by markers, by geometry, on the automatic turntable.
  • Multi-language user-friendly interface with guidelines.
  • Easy calibration and operation along with a wide range of professional functions.
  • Free software updates.
  • Unique 3D scanning algorithms ensuring high accuracy of 3D models.

Our software partners

Control X
Design X

3D Models

  • Skull


  • Teapot


  • 3D teeth

    3D teeth

  • Rim


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