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Technical Specifications Update 2020

Dear customers,

our goal is to constantly improve our technology and provide you 3D scanners with the best technical parameters. We are happy to announce our software and hardware improvements. 

Professional solution for reverse engineering and education

SPECTRUM, as the most universal 3D scanner for professional use on today’s market, can now offer 18 microns accuracy and resolution 0.06 mm. Need to scan small parts with tiny details? Easy job. Or you need something bigger? No problem!

3d scanner for small parts

3d scanner for reverse engineering

3d data from SPECTRUM model

The most affordable 3D scanner for your profesional projects

Our PRO model line underwent great progress. Now we offer PRO base (3 Mpx) and PRO (6 Mpx) which differs by camera resolution. Each PRO model has 3 variable scanning zones offering fast & easy switch from scanning small parts starting from 1 cm to wide scanning zone for car scanning. Combination of high accuracy up to 18 micron, great details (0.04 mm resolution) and color scanning makes PRO model ultimate universal solution.

coin 3d scan

3d data from PRO (6 Mpx)

universal 3d scanner

Scanning software ScanCenter NG 2020.1 update

RangeVision regularly comes with free software updates for all customers. Here is the summary of the new release of our scanning and control software, which was focused on improving performance, scanning accuracy and convenience of operation and hardware setup:

– Scanning speed was increased by 40% by optimizing projected pattern
– Added new function – Automatic exposure calculation
– Automatic alignment algorithm improved
– Mesh smoothing function added
Vibration detection implemented for scanning and calibration
– Added new measurement function for metrology – mesh distance, which visualizes surface deviation by building a color map and displaying deviation values in specified points
– Added Scene snapshot – a versatile instrument that saves a snapshot of current 3D scene in .bmp, .pdf, .jpeg, or .png formats with custom resolution
– Implemented import/export of measurement results in .rv3d format
Improved hole-filling algorithm for plane trimming too
– Added turntable rotation delay for axis evaluation
– Mesh color can now be set manually
– Processing Mode now able to select multiple files at once for import
– Clipping cylinder dimensions adjusted for metrology class PRO scanner
– Meshes in .stp format made available for import
– Improved Global registration algorithm stability

scanning software



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