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3D modeling has never been easier

Creating 3D model of old czech car

Do you need to quickly prepare digital model of car for your prototyping project within 15 minutes? No problem with RangeVision SMART 3D scanner! It has never been easier before. Preparation is easy – just plug the scanner, perform fast calibration and scanner is ready to do your job. RangeVision SMART 3D scanner with industrial IDS cameras with auto-focus can provide highly detailed scans on turntable or with industrial markers. In ScanCenter NG you can easily work with your scanned data – clean the noise, cut markers, delete borders or use auto-allignment functions to join all scanned groups. After that you can quickly generate 3D model and export to .stl or other formats. 

After 15 – 30 minutes after pluging your SMART 3D scanner to your computer you will get final .stl file in high-quality ready for your project.

It is more than good for the pricetag of 2299 eur, right?


We have prepared for you 5 basic things you need to know before you start scanning.

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